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Art of Santa Cruz:

Virtual Gallery

Click the photos to check out our artist's websites and online shops! 

Inspire Dailey

Ruth Dailey 


Zen Doodles, painted rocks, prints, jewelry, art journals, all united by color and fun designs! 

Amelia Racca

Photographs of local and iconic spots as well as photos from Amelia's travels around the world. 

Jeri Anderson

Engaging scenes of animal friends and local scenes in mixed media   

J M Adornments 

Marilyn Gwynn


 Beaded and wire work jewelry using gemstones, pearls and mixed metals. Unique and one of a kind!

Michael Singer 


Black and white fine art architectural & landscape photography. 


Dana Spanierman


Ocean inspired, sterling silver jewelry. Rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. 

Linda Schauble Pottery 

Linda Schauble 


Functional porcelain pottery.

Mugs, bowls, platters, and more!

Snuggle Up and Read! 

Melanie Larson 

Minky blankets, as well as autographed books by author Steven Kellogg, and plush animals. 

Facemasks for sale as well! 

Crafty Fox Art Glass 

Heather Richman 


Decorative art glass wall hangings and lampwork beads and and figurines. 

Snapdragon Ceramics

Jen Slinger  


Bright, fun and colorful ceramic pockets to decorate your home. As well as magnets, ornaments, jewelry and more!

Nancy Lynn Jarvis 

Cozy mystery novels as well as other equally fun and intriguing novels, all set in Santa Cruz County! 

Merlyn Moreno  


Acrylic paintings of local sea and landscapes, as well as paintings from Merlyn's travels. 

Flora / Fauna

Sylvie-Marie Drescher 


Candles and soaps inspired by nature! Find scents that remind you of places you have been around Santa Cruz County! 

Marie Massey Fine Art 

Marie Massey  



Plein air style oil painting of landscapes, gardens and beach scenes. Full of color and beauty!

John Hunter

Local Landscape, Marine Life,

Ocean and Sailing Photography

Patti Baca

Honey & Candles that come from bees raised in Aromas, California. Something sweet for your sweet heart

Linda Curtis 

Vibrant and colorful paintings of flowers and landscapes. Find giclee prints, and even some originals! 

Matthew Werner  


Handcrafted wood furniture with designs done with marquetry. Inspired by nature, such as bird, flowers and animals.  

Anastasiya Bachmanova


Inspiration from moments of connection to her surroundings

Wendy Laird  

(Please contact ASC if you are interested)

Abstracted landscape paintings made with Acrylic on canvas. Very painterly and full of bright colors! 

Anna Belom

Classic and elegant jewelry. Earrings, pendants, bracelets, broaches and rings

Peggy Dillon

Pam (Twins Kitchen)

Artisan Jam and Mustard. It's fun stuff for your mouth!

Elaine Kennedy   

(Please contact ASC if you are interested)

Necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with a variety of beads, pendants, and pearls. 

Sunflower Jewelry

Nancy Haver

Seaglass and gemstone jewelry. Necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings

Gary Geyer

Oil Paintings of 19th century ships in real and surreal settings and local Monterey Bay Landscapes

Berserk Glassworks

Freya Bath and Body

Shandra Hunt

Jewelry, salves, and much more

Soaps LaLu

Laura Horn

Handmade Soaps & Candles in a wide variety of fragrances

Maureen Motteler

Glass Jewelry. Beaded pendants, bracelets and earrings

Ron Oburn

Wall Art created from up-cycled license plates

Fiore Natural Body Care Products

Susan Moranda

Natural bath & body care products for people with sensitive skin


Victoria Pipkin

Hypoallergenic handmade jewelry creations 

Maureen Perkinson

Hand crafted totes, bags and other textile goods

Jennifer Chun

Comics - Paintings - Illustrations

Jay Topping

Nostalgic vintage signs from the Santa Cruz area

Jose Quevedo


Photographs of primarily Central Coast landscapes

K and H Pours

Abstract acrylic pour paintings

Santa Cruz Mountains Apparel

Erik Waage

Baseball caps, sweatshirts, shirts and stickers with a variety of designs referencing the region

Kathleen Ball

Acrylic Painting inspired by international cultures and California wildfires

Sally Creations

Sally Wood

Lampwork Glass Beads and Jewelry, Staned Glass, and Glass Tile Mosaic

Kendra Dorfan

CalistaCat Designs

Lovely designs on aprons, cozies for the microwave, bags/purses, and more.

Ilana Holt

Digital Scientific Illustration of mushrooms, butterflies, and original abstract patterns

Mary Bielinski Mildbrandt Wyatt

Evocative painted landscapes on large canvases to transport you to beautiful locales. 

Mary Rhodes



Bugsticks and Barzle found object creations

Sylvia Valentine

Award Winning Nature Photography

John Carney

Visual storytelling through Landscape Photography

Paulette Souza

Silver smithing and heat colored copper jewelry

BAD Photography

Photographs of local plants, animals, and landscapes

Chelsea Wagner

Dragon Fire Woodworks

Exquisite carved and finished wood cutting boards, wood and glass wine glasses and more

Marcia Williams

Realistic watercolor paintings of seascapes and landscapes, along with delicate and intricate paintings of our butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and birds

See details on how join!

Jannea Varni


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