Participating Artists

Jeri Anderson: Painting 

Gene Antisdel: Photography

Pati Baca: Beeswax Candles & Local Honey

Anastasiya Bachmanova: Painting WEBSITE

Sue Baldwin: Acrylic Resin Pour  WEBSITE

Anna Belom: Jewelry

Barbara Chatfield: Embroidery

Cesar Cobos: Textiles

Linda Curtis: Watercolor/Acrylic  WEBSITE

Ruth Dailey: Zentangles  WEBSITE

Peggy Dillon (Twins Kitchen): Homemade Jam

Sylvie-Marie Drescher: Soaps & Candles WEBSITE

Marilyn Gwynn: Jewelery

Bill Hackett: Wood Working

Nancy Haver: Jewelry

Thomas Hawley: Painting  WEBSITE 

Laura Horn: Soap & Candles  WEBSITE

Shandra Hunt: Jewelry, Bath & Body  WEBSITE

Nancy Lynn Jarvis: Mystery Books WEBSITE

Elaine Kennedy: Jewelry

Wendy Laird: Acrylic Painting

Melanie Larson: Baby Blankets 

Marie Massey: Painter WEBSITE

Artie Mello: Photography

Susan Moranda: Bath and Body

Merlyn Moreno: Acrylic Landscape Painting 

Maureen Motteler: Mosaic Jewelry  

Alixandra Mullins: Photography WEBSITE

Ron Oburn: License Plate Art

Maureen Perkinson: Decorative Bags 

John Pizzuti: Photography

Rany Prambs: Cookbook & Snacks 

Jose Quevedo: Photography  WEBSITE

Amelia Racca: Photography WEBSITE

Heather Richman: Lampwork/Glass/Plants   WEBSITE

Carol Riddle: Watercolor   WEBSITE

Alexandra Sanders: Watercolor WEBSITE

Linda Schauble: Ceramics   WEBSITE

Leanna Simmons: Jewelry   WEBSITE

Michael Singer: Woodwork & Photography  WEBSITE

Jen Slinger: Ceramics and textiles 

Ed Smiley: Painter BLOG

Dana Spanierman: Jewelry WEBSITE

Sandra Tanaguchi: Goochee Dolls   WEBSITE

Jay Topping: Vintage Signs   WEBSITE

Dan Tracy: Photography

Melinda Vahradian: Watercolors WEBSITE

Sylvia Valentine: Photography   WEBSITE

Erik Waage: Silk Screening   WEBSITE

T. Mike Walker: Collage 

Matthew Werner: Marquetry   WEBSITE

Whimzzie : Jewelry WEBSITE

Karen Whitaker: Painting

Sally Wood: Jewelry   WEBSITE

Regional Artisans Association is a California nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.